Corporate and International Relations Office

GIFT University established the Corporate and International Relations Office (CIRO) as a central administration point to develop the international linkages, global partnerships and collaborations and international exposures for GIFT folks. To date, students from different schools have got the academic and cultural orientation of leading international destinations, including the USA, United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey, UAE and many more. 

The Corporate and International Relations Office, GIFT University is the central point of coordination and administration of all the procedures related to University’s international collaborations and partnerships. It works with all the departments to develop their international agenda, which includes partnership agreements, scholarship opportunities, information on student exchanges, participation in visits and profile upgrading.


The Corporate and International Relations Office, GIFT University is always actively engaged in international collaborative activities with partner universities both physically and virtually in terms of students and faculty exchange programs with the following agendas:

  • Short-term student and faculty exchange program.
  • Administration and research exchange program.
  • Cultural exchange program including various languages and cultural activities.
  • Webinars and seminars.
  • Corporate and social internships.
  • Workshops and trainings for students and employees.
  • Professional and youth development programs.
  • Joint training, research and development.
  • Joint dialogue series and panel discussions.

CIRO Structure