Cultural Exchange Programmes

International Boot Camps

CIRO arranges boot camps to different international destinations to introduce students of GIFT University with excellent higher education opportunities worldwide. Students meet international students, faculty and international office teams. They participate in discussions during workshops/sessions, to be better equipped for international education and qualifications and to take part in study familiarisation programs focused on leadership skills, social entrepreneurship, management, technical and communication skills.

CIRO provides all facilities from planning to execution, including boot camp arrangement, student application and qualification process, visa process, travelling, lodging, and academic and excursion activities throughout the tour and post-tour celebrations and feedback.


1st UK Tour (May – June 2017)

A delegation of twenty three students visited UK for twelve days. The delegation visited top five universities of UK, attended introductory sessions, had campus tours and got a partnership scholarships from the following institutes:

  • University of Hertfordshire
  • The University of Manchester Metropolitan
  • University of Manchester
  • The Coventry University
  • The Regents University

2nd UK Tour (June – July 2018)

The process of arranging the 2nd UK tour started in February 2018, followed by the students’ selection process and documents’ completion at the Coventry University, UK.

3rd UK Tour (Feb – Mar 2019)

A delegation of twenty two students visited UK for twelve days. They attended a five-day workshop at Coventry University and visited the most popular attractions in London.

4th UK Tour (Aug – Sep 2019)

A delegation of fourteen students visited Scotland and England for ten days. They attended a five-day workshop at The University of Dundee and got certification for attending different sessions. In the last three days, the delegation moved to London to visit the city’s top attractions. The delegation reached back to Pakistan with a successful tour and lifetime memories.

Boot Camp - Skyline University, Sharjah

To continue the Internationalisation worldwide, a Boot Camp was arranged in UAE for the female students of GIFT University and College, at Skyline University College, Sharjah. A visit to popular tourist attractions was also arranged for the delegates.

On-Campus Boot Camps

CIRO focuses to offer Boot Camps during summer and winter schools to the International community with an aim to introduce our skilled students, system, faculty and specialised programs to the international students and encourage them to be a part of the GIFT Alumni Society in future. For that, CIRO is working closely with the academic departments to design programs to be offered physically and digitally at the international level.

Global Exchange Program

Student Exchange Programs or International Exchange Programs are an open horizon for students seeking inter-cultural exposure, global education and development opportunities. GIFT University recognized the effective prospects of such activities and concluded many agreements with different countries to provide a valuable study-abroad experience. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your foreign language skills, develop yourself academically and culturally and make international friends. Some of the Education Exchange programs as mentioned as:

St. Petersburg State Transport University – Russia

A group of eleven students with one faculty member was selected for the Education Exchange Program and following courses were taught by the host university.

  • Business Planning and Industrial Organization
  • Management of Innovations

A paid guest lecture was also arranged for the accompanying faculty member Dr. Umar Mukhtar for the local students at the PGUPS on Supply Chain Management. Students spent two weeks in St. Petersburg city. Their visit to Moscow was also arranged on the weekend.

1st Education Exchange Program – Turkey

A three-day excursion tour of Turkey was also arranged for the group after the completion of their Education Exchange Program in Russia. The delegation visited Istanbul and Sabancha on their way back to Pakistan.

2nd Education Exchange Program – Turkey

Istanbul Gelisim University, Turkey

Dated: January 21 – January 25, 2020

A delegation of twelve students of GIFT University visited Istanbul Gelisim University, Turkey and attended excursion activities arranged by the host University. They attended sessions and visited Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque, The Princes’ Islands of Istanbul in the Sea of Marmara and many more attractive places.

International Culture Centres

Corporate and International Relations Office promotes the understanding and awareness of the cultures worldwide through establishing the International Culture Centre at the GIFT University premises. The fundamental objective of this establishment is to introduce different cultures to the GIFT and local community and make them familiar with the foreign languages, traditional activities, heritage, exhibitions etc. These events will be held in collaboration with the Foreign Embassies in Pakistan.

Language and Communication Exchange

Under the cultural exchange program, the main focus is the learning of foreign languages with an objective to communicate effectively, interact in a culturally appropriate manner, recognize cultural values and practices, and develop disposition and cognitive strategies for learning other languages and cultures. 

The specific unit has struck to exchange languages for executing these goals, including Turkish, Arabian, Chinese, German, Russian, and French languages.

Chinese Language Program

Considering the Pak-China ties and progressive projects, GIFT University recognizes the communication between the two. Understanding the importance, we believe we have to bridge this gap; thus, GIFT University initiated Chinese Language Classes for students and professionals under the umbrella of GIFT Language Centre targeting:

  • To master the Chinese vocabulary, grammar, syntactic and phonetic system (pinyin and tones) with good pronunciation.
  • To understand the construction of commonly used Chinese Characters (both simplified and traditional) and learn to write them correctly.

Designed to develop and reinforce language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing related to everyday situations, our course targets professionals without prior training in Chinese.

Turkish Language Program

Turkey and Pakistan are founding members of the Economic Cooperation Organization; thus, understand a preferential trading agreement, aiming to considerably increase trade and investments. Following these rises in public and private relations, the Corporate & International Relations Office (CIRO), in collaboration with GIFT Language Centre (GLC), has successfully inaugurated the Turkish Cultural Centre at GIFT University to develop Pak-Turk Relations by promoting languages, norms and traditions. Turkish Ambassador Mr. Shahab – ud – Din has been appointed as the course instructor to teach the Turkish language.

Russian Language Program

Russian is one of the most widely spoken native languages in Europe and is one of the five official languages of the United Nations. After the successful partnership with the renowned Russian University, i.e., URAL Federal University, Russia Federation, GIFT University, in collaboration with GIFT Language Centre, has decided to launch the Russian language course. In Spring 2021, the first batch of Russian Language will be taking place virtually under the supervision of a Russian Instructor.