Global Horizon

GIFT Students Making Inroads into Top Ranked International Universities

GIFT University, the largest university in the region, promotes its students to pursue their education at the international level. The University provides multiple opportunities to its students to push further their educational spirit at the global level. As a result, GIFT students have been able to secure admissions in various universities around the world. With students promoted at these educational institutions and many others, aspiring to explore what other universities have to offer in terms of unique educational experiences, GIFT students are making their mark on the global education map and making their way into international universities

Faculty Exchange Programs

With modern higher education trends, faculty mobility is increasing across the globe. To fulfill this need, CIRO introduces Faculty Exchange Program with international universities that will play a significant role in developing and strengthening industrial-academia linkages and research development. This program is yearning to engage faculties of GIFT University and other international universities to conduct joint seminars, webinars, conferences, researches, and cultural exchange programs, which ultimately will be broadening the knowledge spectrum.


GIFT University is actively playing its vital role to arrange co-teaching sessions, virtually and physically, with all the partner universities around the globe for the continuous improvement of the Management and Faculty members. This program promotes substantial teaching experience and helps in planning, instructing and assessing curriculums, projects and researches to broaden the knowledge.

Joint Publications

GIFT University and International Universities are collectively promoting international communication, specifically, in education and research for the globalization’s rapid progress. GIFT University is keeping pace with few of the top educational destinations of UK, Russia, Turkey, USA, and Europe in the different fields of Business, Commerce, Sociology, Arts and design, and many more for joint publications, which will enhance our knowledge of our faculty members.

Faculty Development and Training

GIFT University focuses on Faculty development, which includes a wide range of activities that institutions apply to support faculty members’ roles. This included program is designed to improve the performance of faculty members in education, research and administration, and in augmenting organizational capacities and culture. Faculty vitality is the main ingredient to enhance professional education and competence. Enriching the faculty vitality in critical domains of teaching, assessing, research, professionalism, and administration significantly improves the educational environment and enhances learners’ academic performance.

International Scholarships & Admissions

The CIRO has been actively engaged in making arrangements for International admissions and scholarships for University’s exceptional students.

Semester Abroad UGRAD-USA

International Office announced the fully funded UGRAD One Semester Exchange Program to the students at GIFT University. Many students applied for the program. One of our student Zeeshan Ali from BSc Accounting and Finance, got selected and placed in Wisconsin University Greenbay, USA. Zeeshan studied his one semester there and performed outstandingly throughout his study period and joined GIFT University again for his last semester. International Office secured funding of USD 30,000.

Humna Javeid

My love for being on screen compelled me to join the Mass Communication program at GIFT University to achieve my dream career to be a professional newscaster. I am thrilled that the International Relations Office (IRO) helped me attain another step in this direction by supporting me in selecting the Global UGRAD Program scholarship.

The cultural exchange semester scholarship is a fully-funded program by the United States, and I am looking forward to experiencing the culture of the US. The country provides a good level of opportunities in my field of media studies and mass communication. I look forward to learning and bring diverse experiences back to GIFT University.

Zeeshan Ali

The International Relations Office (IRO) at GIFT University helped me realize my potential as an inspiring business professional. As a leading Accounting and Finance student, I secured a place in the Global UGRAD Cultural Exchange Semester Scholarship. The fully-funded scholarship by the Government of the United States allowed me to spend time in the country, learning more about my field of interest.

In my time in the US, I learned more than just about accounting and finance. I was exposed to a diverse range of cultures and communities that make up the country. I thank the IRO at GIFT University that enabled me to experience and gain knowledge that helped me grow professionally and personally.

Foreign Admissions

The international office applied international admissions of many students from GIFT University through different platforms. Many students received their conditional and unconditional offer letters from top international universities around the world. Some are following:

Junaid Amjad

My journey from Gujranwala, Pakistan, to Birmingham, UK, would not have been possible without GIFT University’s Management and Faculty, who went the extra mile to help me and provided me with a strong base for my career aspirations. The teaching and training provided at GIFT University prepare the students for every challenge in their future lives. Their new collaborations with global educational institutions and their international relations with foreign universities from the UK, USA, Turkey, and many others, have in real terms, opened new doors of future possibilities for current and prospective students in Pakistan. 

The efforts of GIFT University have immensely helped shape the lives of students from rural and urban areas in and around Gujranwala and the province of Punjab. I thank all my peers at the University’s International Relations Office, who helped me through all my queries and provided me with a step-by-step guide because of which I am currently studying at Birmingham City University, UK.

Arsalan Khalid Cheema

No matter where we are or what we are doing in life, we constantly develop applicable and imperative skills that can be utilized throughout our lives. But I am still passionate about travelling and self-development, and that is how I believe a business student should be. Therefore, to observe cultural diversity, I opted to learn an Executive MBA from the University of Greenwich, based in London’s cultural capital.

Through my Executive MBA studies at the University of Greenwich, I hope to gain the skills required to manage organizational structures and resources and implement strategic decisions proficiently. I am obliged to the International Relations Office GIFT University for helping me to realise my career dreams!

Talha Haider

My interest in business and love for calculations influenced me to choose a business school at GIFT University as they were offering a unique degree that focuses on both areas of my interest, which helped me polish my skills and abilities.

The University management helped me not only during my studies but also after my graduation. The International relations office enabled me to achieve my future goals as it was my dream to get a master’s degree from a foreign university, which became possible with the help and guidance provided by them. I scored admission in one of the UK’s best business schools, which has been awarded the TEF Gold for their work and excellence. This opportunity helped me enhance my knowledge, learn things from an utterly diversified culture, and have high exposure to the business.

Shuneem Sarfraz

I joined GIFT University as it has the perfect combination of qualified Faculty and quality education that I needed to excel as a business professional. The University has helped me in fine-tuning my skills. I had always wanted to explore other cultures and houses of knowledge. The International Relations Office (IRO) helped me achieve this by allowing me to go to the United Kingdom through its Third UK Tour. The office further extended its support by helping me secure a place in an MPhil program in Global Business and Digital Arts from one of the top Canadian institutes, the University of Waterloo.

With this opportunity, I will be able to enhance my education and become business-oriented. Moreover, the culturally diverse and accepting country of Canada will be an experience that will help me become a better member of the society.