International Internships

With the aim of students’ development at the international levels, CIRO has designed a blended International Internship Program, in collaboration with Student Development Centre (SDC), GIFT University to promote student development by engaging students with the partner International Universities for their Corporate Internship and Professional Development Program. The blended module covers online academic sessions, virtual industrial exposure, virtual city tour, fun-based cultural activities, and professional skills development activities.

Corporate Internships

Corporate Relations Department (CRD) is effectively looking after Corporate Internship Program, which is a purposefully developed facility to assist the students in developing their professional skills and careers. Now, CIRO collaborated with CRD to conduct an international internship program in this COVID-19 pandemic. The practice of doing an internship is another effort to make the candidate more aware of his or her practical skills and a hands-on experience of how organisations work. Moreover, it is reflected in their final resumes and added to the experience; thus, increasing their chances of getting hired or boosting their venture internationally as they continuously learn throughout the process.

Summer 2020 Internship

Under the supervision of our faculty members, many talented student from GIFT Business School were selected for the International Corporate Internship in summer 2020. Their internship was hosted by the two top-ranked Universities i.e. The University of Dundee, UK and St. Petersburg State Transport University, Russia. After the successful completion of internship, certificates of completion were also awarded to the students by the host universities.

Professional Development Program (PDP)

CIRO, in collaboration with Corporate Relations Department (CRD), offered Professional Training Program for the skills and personality development of the graduating students. The students were indulged in this training workshop full of new learning approaches, introduced to the participants through their direct interaction with professional corporate trainers and senior employees of reputed organisations worldwide.

As part of the proposed blended program, students of GIFT University will be registered with international partner universities to develop and polish their professional skills. Host University will choose trainers, based on their intensive profiles and concerning areas. It will equip the students in various aspects of their professional capability, whether they will be aspired to join the services sector or become entrepreneurs or take care of their family businesses. This program will be an excellent professional training for all potential career initiatives/ practices and corresponding personal development to be achieved by the participant.

Technical Internship

Technical Internship aims to expose students to the current trends and practices of developing full-stack web applications for real-world projects/problems. This workshop familiarises the students with the tools and technologies used in full-stack web application development and gives a solid hands-on experience to get them ready for the tech industry and real-world projects. This workshop provides computer science and software engineering students with the fundamental and practical knowledge of the tools and technologies used in actual full-stack web application development.

Summer 2020 Virtual Internship

Top 50 Students from the School of Computer Sciences were engaged in technical internship sessions with Technical University, Berlin and Ural Federal University, Russia. The distinguished batch performed outstandingly throughout the sessions and activities. Certificates of completion were also awarded to the students. Another group of students, from the same school, was engaged with The University of Dundee and St. Petersburg State Transport University, Russia. The host universities arranged engaging sessions, activities, and virtual city tours for cultural exchange purposes. Students completed the internship and were also awarded the completion certificates.

Social Integration Program

The CIRO collaborated with Student Development Centre (SDC) and selected a delegation of five students to offer international social work internship under the flagship of USAID. CIRO, in collaboration with SDC, is fulfilling the Vision “From the Community-to the Community” by involving students in the participatory community development processes to help them to educate for excellence in social work practice.

USAID & GIFT Ambassadors

A team of five students were selected for USAID internship, Muhammad Usman – BBA, Abiha Khalid – BS English, Muhammad Luqman – BS English, Mehwish Asghir – BS Software Engineering and Rida Hameed – BS English.

USAID is an independent agency of United States working for security, economy, prosperity and resilience. USAID is a non-government platform providing small competitive grants, each year, to every country. Those funds are used for medical supplies, agricultural equipment, educational expenses and other community services. Working with USAID as a student ambassador, provided a vast opportunity to connect and introduce ourselves to people worldwide. While attending the meetings, we learnt a lot and still are learning and discovering new things and knowing how we can play a part as an individual and a team. USAID programme is, indeed, changing our perspectives and vision of working for community development and creating more opportunities for people to join.