Training, Research & Development

Training, Research and Development (TRD) is one of the dynamic CIRO units aiming to provide global standard training programs to the staff at GIFT University. The primary purpose is to develop the team’s professional skills and give them a platform to comprehend an internationally recognized code of conduct within an organization. Moreover, the following unit will also involve facilitating international conferences to encourage the research culture of GIFT University. In this way, the TRD unit will be engaged in organizational development by enhancing the professional profile of the staff at GIFT University and advancing the University’s international affairs by hosting foreign delegates and projects.

International Training

Training from International Institutions

The training sessions are a unique program to enhance the intellectual property of the professional staff working at GIFT University. This training will be conducted under the affiliation of an international institution where the participants can upgrade their specialised skills while getting certified by gaining a completion certificate or statement of participation. This program also ensures that each management staff at the GIFT University must be provided with at least two training programs every year. Furthermore, the training programs are specifically designed to enhance the employees’ professional skills and improve the organization’s overall performance by boosting intellectual property. In this way, there are two following positive outcomes:

  • At the individual level, the employees will get global standard training with a certification of participation to equip their professional profile.
  • At the organizational level, the University will improve performance output as an outcome of the training programs, while developing its international relationships.

International Conferences

Facilitating International Conferences

The second component of the TRD is the facilitation of international conferences, which is a step towards strengthening GIFT University’s relationship with the international institutions. Under this sub-unit, the GIFT University will host all the international activities to collaborate with its international partners. Following are the two major programs under the facilitation of the international conference.

  • 1st Digital International Conference, GIFT University and Seton Hall University (USA)
    • Dated: July 15 – July 17, 2020
  • EURIE – Eurasia Higher Education Virtual Summit
    • Dated: March 01, 2021

International Delegates

Under this program, the CIRO will work as a representative of GIFT University to host the international delegates, including the protocol, accommodation, supervision of the audience for the related session where the delegates are being invited as a speaker.

Liaoning Communication University – MOU Signing

Dated: 26th JULY 2017

A delegation from Liaoning Communication University visited Pakistan for MOU Signation with GIFT University. A team including:

  • Dr. Faheem Ul Islam (Rector)
  • Dr. Surraiya Shafi Mir (Late) (HoD – English)
  • Mr. Waseem Ullah Dar (Registrar)
  • Ms. Saima Aziz (Manager CIRO)
  • Mr. Tahir Malik (Head - Mass Communication and Media Studies)
  • Mr. Farooq Jalal Pasha (Head SFADA)

The team met the international delegation at Lahore Office for a formal MOU signing ceremony. Their meeting with the Chinese delegation was very productive. Chinese University offered one-semester exchange program for the students of Mass Communication and Media Studies and SFADA.

Global Student Day

Dated: 31st January 2019

International Office and representatives of International Universities arranged Education Expo for student counselling and international placements.

  • Mr. Ng Seng Hiap – Malaysian – Sunway University
  • Mr. Rizal Sahputra – Indonesian – UCSI
  • Mr. Zainal Abidin Bin Zainuddin – Malaysian – UTM
  • Mr. Liu Yang – Chinese Taylor's
  • Ms. Ingrid Cissy – German – ISL
  • Ms. Vanessa Christine De Silva – Malaysian – INTI
  • Ms. Nunstasinee Muadmanee – Thailand - UM
  • Ms. Ayesha - Pakistani - Study in Ireland
  • Ms. Sidra - Pakistani - Study in China
  • Mr. Babar Bashir Ahmad - Pakistani - Organiser
  • Mr. Adeel Qamar - Pakistani - Study in UK, USA, Australia
  • Mr. Fahim Abbasi - Pakistani - Organizer

Seminar – Education in Sweden

Dated: 4th May 2019

Mr. Stig Hakan Perttu (Head of Admissions) from Halmstad University, Sweden, visited GIFT University along with a team of Pakistani representatives. A successful meeting was held with the International Office Team to discuss exchange programs, degree offerings, and scholarships opportunities. A seminar was also conducted by Mr. Stig, about general information regarding education and life in Sweden.

Delegation Visit – Coventry University

Mr. Vladimir Yordanov | Partnership Development Manager | Academic Partnership Unit, Coventry University, UK visited GIFT University for Pre-arrangements of signing MOU with GIFT.  It was a very fruitful meeting regarding all initial discussion between two universities for MOU. The guest left with excellent reviews and experience at GIFT.

International Collaboration with GIFT Business School

Dated: November 18, 2019

Prof. William Richard Russell, Associate Dean Internationalization and Global Engagement, School of Business, University of Dundee, Scotland visited GIFT University for an international collaboration with the GIFT Business School.

International Cultural Exchange Meet-up 

International Cultural Centres at GIFT University, Gujranwala.

Dated: November 4, 2020 

Mr. Erik Beishembiev – The Ambassador of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, visited GIFT University as the Chief Guest for a meet up on International Cultural Exchange, who was accompanied by the Guest of Honour, Mr. Umar Ashraf Mughal, President Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

International Joint Projects

Being an international relations development, the GIFT University encourages its international partner institutions by hosting their academic or non-academic projects at the University premises. This program is interlinked with the above section of hosting the international delegates.

Talk Series

Corporate and International Relations Office aims to connect resources worldwide to share research interests, ideas, projects, etc. Therefore, CIRO preferred talk series as an influential agenda to connect faculties, researchers, and students. CIRO yearns to approach Scholars/Experts from different top-ranking international universities for the mutual talk series across the departments for idea-sharing and linkages development.

Virtual International Cross-Departmental Talk Series

Guest Speaker: Dr. Anna Gurrarii

Director, Department of Political Science and Sociology 

Dated: March 29, 2021

Panel Discussion

Corporate and International Relations Office has also established a panel discussion platform to bring forward its faculty members from different departments and combine them with universities around the globe to discuss a specific topic, research area amongst a selected group of panelists who share different perspectives in front of a large audience virtually or face-to-face.

International Webinars

Following the latest technology during the pandemic situation, GIFT University has also designed virtual Internal Webinars for International collaboration with Universities across the world. These webinars are sort for web-based seminar, which may be transmitted as a presentation, discussion lecture, workshop or training through hi-tech conferencing software and gadgets.


Seminars are an essential part for any organization to exchange ideas, thoughts and information on any particular subject, under the guidance of a skilled person, therefore, Corporate and International Relations Office, GIFT University has a history of arranging a large number of seminars regarding International Scholarships and admissions for its faculty members and students. GIFT University aims to continue the series of seminars virtually to achieve its goal.